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Wedding Traditions

Last weekend I went to a family wedding which was lovely. The bride and groom had a great day and they had lots of personal touches to make sure the day reflected them and their families.

I was thinking about all the traditions related to weddings such as the bride and groom not being allowed to see each other prior to the ceremony, the items that the bride incorporates into her outfit to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Doors at an outdoor wedding
Alternative use for doors at an outdoor wedding

Then I got to thinking about a tradition involving the couple’s door. One of our popular traditions is the groom carrying the bride over the threshold. Traditionally this meant carrying his new wife through the door of their new home. Most couples these days tend to live together prior to getting married but the tradition still remains. I asked around and people had a few different thoughts on the origins of this interesting tradition. A couple of people thought that carrying the bride through the doorway was a symbol of protection or the man being the slave of his new wife. Somebody suggested it is a superstitious tradition to prevent bad luck. It is said that a new wife who trips through the door of her new home would bring bad luck on the family and the home so by carrying his new wife, the groom protects them both. Somebody else suggested it was to avoid the bride bringing bad spirits through the door.

I think this is quite a romantic tradition although a challenging one for some couples depending on their strength and size. Luckily at this wedding the groom was a big strong chap and his new wife a slim and slight lady and I understand they were planning to follow the tradition, even if it was through the bridal suite doorway.

Whilst browsing for a suitable photo to illustrate this blog post, I discovered a fantastic use of doors at a wedding.




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