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Made to Measure

The  term Made to Measure typically conjures up products such as curtains, generally needed to exactly fit a window, or clothing such as a tailored suit or a wedding dress which must fit, a particular person, exactly for a special occasion. However, economic restraints typically necessitate that the merchandise we purchase will usually be what is classed as ‘Off the Peg‘ example quote: (describes clothes that are made and bought in standard sizes and not made especially to fit a particular person).

One reason ready to wear clothes developed came from the necessity for large amounts of manufactured military uniforms in the 19th century. Standardise sets of clothing were designed to fit a range of body sizes and through this need and  improvement in manufacturing techniques it became possible to determine a standard sizing and therefore provide merchandise which was available in stock.

These days we take for granted that most things are available and in our mass market economy are surprised when something is unavailable. Nevertheless, it is easy to forget that manufacturing time scales are not always to our liking. Occasionally we discover that the wait for something special or for it to be altered can make the product seem more valuable and precious.

Kershaws Doors Ltd have a great many stock items ready for shipment, yet stocks do run low and then our reliance on our manufacturing partners can delay delivery. Yet customers can rest assured that we will do all we can to complete their order as quickly as we can.

Bespoke door manufacture
Bespoke door manufacture
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We supply a large amount of tailor made doors as many of our customers find that our Bespoke doors section is just what they were looking for and find them well worth the wait. The internal doors which are particularly special and have to be waited for are from the quality Made to Measure bespoke ranges in either Oak or Clear Pine. These doors are immensely popular with customers looking for doors to fit unusually sized openings and can be made in 35mm or 45mm thicknesses or FD30 fire rated (certified to BS 1634-1:2000). These orders may be from individuals looking for traditional doors to compliment their cottage, converted barn or manor house or a property developer sourcing extra tall contemporary doors for a loft conversion.

We are also able to supply special external custom doors from our Heritage range of traditionally styled doors.  A little forward planning and a bit of patience will allow you to have just the right door needed for your special property when ‘Off the Peg’ just won’t do.

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