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Looking Forward: Interior Design Trends of 2016

It’s always risky making predictions; the future tends to be mercilessly uncertain. That said here is a run-down of the interior design trends we expect to see a lot more of during 2016. This list will give you the chance to make the trendiest home improvements before anyone else, allowing you to get ahead and … Read More

Looking Back: Door Trends in 2015

2015 has been an interesting year for interior design. In particular, 2015 saw doors receive a great deal more attention than in pervious years. Increasingly, doors are being viewed as a design feature rather than just a functional necessity. More than ever, designers are viewing doors as an opportunity to be creative and add a … Read More

How to Protect Your Exterior Doors From Extreme Weather

While protecting your exterior doors is important all year round, it becomes even more essential over the winter period. With wind, rain, cold and maybe even snow knocking against your exterior doors over the cold season, it’s important to make sure they can take it. Properly preparing your doors for harsh weather conditions, hot or … Read More

Doors in Winter

Winter can make doors look like entrances to fairy tale worlds or, more simply, the gateway to warmth, food and general merriment. We’ve picked out a few pictures of doors that we think capture that iconic winter atmosphere. With a covering of fresh white snow and beautiful old lanterns lining the steps leading to the … Read More

Winter Insulation Tips

With winter just around the corner and already a cold chill in the air, it’s time to think about battening down the hatches and preparing for the cold season. Doors, and also windows, are typically insulation weak points. Even a small gap can cost a lot of warmth over time, create unhealthy drafts and generally … Read More

Hidden Doors

Like many people, I’ve always found the idea of hidden doorways intriguing. The idea of having a secret place that only you know how to find is somehow appealing. Children’s stories are full of such places, like the Secret Garden or the Wardrobe that leads to Narnia in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. … Read More

Where have all the trees gone?

It could be my biased memory, but when I was younger I remember residential streets lined with lush and leafy trees. In fact one of my favourite memories as a child was walking home from school kicking the masses of golden autumn leaves that had gathered at the kerbside. Just to prove I wasn’t going … Read More

Inside Out Doors

I recently went to the cinema, with my grandson who is 4, to see the new Pixar computer animated movie, Inside Out, on its first release date. I hadn’t read anything about the movie so it was a total surprise for me and a pleasant one that it is was a sensitive Comedy/Drama aimed at … Read More